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Maya Viewport VFX

As an animator, when working through shots, I wanted to create rigs/accessible VFX that would allow animators to easily add additional flare to their work! All built within Maya without any external textures or files.

Below you’ll see examples and links to VFX I’ve made. You can access the gumroad here:

05: Stylised VFX Rigs Pack

This pack focuses on stylised effects such as aura, fire, dash lines and reaction FX! This specialises in adding flare to your animations and really packing a punch! You can find the rigs here

04: Magic VFX Rigs Pack

I started focusing on themes for each pack and so this time I picked magic! Working more closely with the materials and how to manipulate them with the controls! You can find the rigs here



03: ATLA Elemental FX Rigs Pack

I started looking towards elemental based FX and was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender so I started working towards rigs of that style! It just so happened to be the same month that AnimChallenge set their theme to be Avatar! You can find the rigs here

02: Kamehameha Rig

My love for Dragon Ball comes through both my animation and my vfx rigs! I’ve always wanted to animate a Kamehameha and so I made a rig for it! This rig can be found here



01: Maya Viewport VFX Rig Pack

This was my first VFX project, made with the intention to cover several areas and is free for people to download! You can find it here